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Feeding America estimates that the number of individuals experiencing food insecurity could increase by up to 17.1 million due to the pandemic.

According to in Tucson, where we serve, the food insecurity rate is 13.9% of the population. We also serve South Tucson, part of Pima County, where the need rises to 1 in 2 people who need help obtaining food.

Felicia’s Farm chooses to focus on those most in need of fresh produce and protein, those experiencing homelessness and poverty in our community. Because homeless people often miss meals, it is vital that the meals they do access are nutritious. Soup kitchens are often lacking in donations of protein and fresh produce, two important nutritional elements.

Hunger in our community: Volunteers and visitors to the farm have the satisfaction of knowing they are contributing to their community. They also learn about the issue of hunger – it’s not happening in a foreign land; it’s affecting their neighbors, their classmates, and their co-workers. Felicia’s Farm strives to raise awareness of this issue and provide ways people can help. Our model serves to demonstrate how each of us can make a difference and to provide knowledge, empowerment, and inspiration.