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Volunteering at Felicia’s Farm

Felicia’s Farm greatly appreciates our volunteers!

It is wonderful to experience the beautiful outdoors and receive the grounding, natural health benefits of working the earth and giving to others. Like-minded community members meet and enjoy connecting while making a difference in our community.

Felicia’s Farm works 365 days a year, but we concentrate most work on weekdays from 8:30-12:00 and limited weekends because we grow on private property.

Felicia’s Farm has 3 locations so please ensure you are meeting us at the correct location for that day.  Felicia’s Farm locations are not generally open to the public so a scheduled time is mandatory.

Felicia’s Farm invites everyone to come learn about sustainable and urban gardening while making a difference in our community!

What will you do as a volunteer?

Volunteers will help with work on the farm chores including compost management, weeding and more. Getting your hands dirty positively impacts hunger in our community. Every task we do helps farm operations which lead to people receiving food.

Please consider a donation in conjunction with your visit, or sign up for a monthly sustaining donation. $18 a month helps feed the chickens, provide educational experiences and plant seasonal produce for donation to our community members who need help getting enough to eat. $33.33 each month will equal the Arizona individual tax credit of $400. Give and Get Back dollar for dollar.

Thank you for helping!


Other ways to help

Please share Felicia’s Farm with your family and friends! Together we can work for a community where everyone has good food to eat.

Follow us on facebook  https://www.facebook.com/feliciasfarm

Want to schedule a volunteer visit? Please send us an email at feliciasfarm@gmail.com  Thank You!