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Felicia’s Farm welcomes everyone to volunteer including:

  • School field trips
  • Corporate volunteer events
  • Other philanthropic groups (Scouts, 4H, U of A clubs, etc.)

Felicia’s Farm invites groups of adults, children and youth to come learn about sustainable and urban gardening while making a difference in our community! We can also accommodate for individuals with disabilities.

What will you do as a volunteer?

Volunteers will help with work on the farm including compost management, planting, harvesting, weeding and feeding the chickens and goats. It’s a great opportunity for children to learn where food comes from and the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Everyone has the satisfaction and fun of getting your hands dirty while positively impacting hunger in our community.

Other ways to help

You can also start your own fundraiser to support Felicia’s Farm, including creating a donation page or donating proceeds from an event.

To schedule a volunteer event or learn more, send us an email at feliciasfarm@gmail.com.