Why Felicia’s Farm

Every week, Felicia’s Farm provides, free of charge, nutritious, free range eggs and naturally-grown, fresh produce to people experiencing homelessness, and other low-income and vulnerable people in need in Tucson, South Tucson and on Tribal lands.

Our chickens are kept in a humane, free range chicken coop.

We strive for sustainable, long term farm management techniques.

The farm serves as a wonderful, powerful example and opportunity for each of us to positively impact hunger and poor nutrition in our community.

The farm preserves farmland in an area of Tucson traditionally farmed for many years, and provides a centrally located local food source.

When you give someone food that is grown with love, that is fresh and delicious, that you would be proud to serve at your table, you are also sending the message that that person is valued.

Everyone prefers top-quality produce and eggs. Felicia’s Farm helps fill the gap at soup kitchens, pantries and other outlets serving those most in need.

Our bodies need good nutrition to thrive. Everyone deserves fresh food.