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Your impact

Your donations do the work!  People in need throughout Tucson and the surrounding community benefit. Those without shelter, homebound, elderly, veterans, working families and single parents receive nutritious food and often, it is the only food they will receive. Thank You for being part of Felicia’s Farm.

Your donation to Felicia’s Farm is tax deductible, learn more below. 

Will you please donate today?

“The lunch bag with the egg in it would sometimes be the only meal I’d get.” – Formerly addicted man, once living unsheltered on the streets of Tucson. 

“Everyone was so excited about the egg burritos. It’s something they rarely get. We take so much for granted…Bless you and your team” – a cook from a partner organization

“One woman started crying. She said she couldn’t believe the fresh vegetables and was so grateful to be able to feed her three kids something good.” – manager from partner organization

We also accept donations by mail. Please make checks out to Felicia’s Farm.  Thank You for helping our neighbors in need.

Address: 5995 E. Grant Road, Suite 200, Tucson AZ 85712

Supplies Wishlist

  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Gloves and Trowels
  • Gas cards; diesel and regular
  • ? What do you have to offer? We can use many things around the farm
  • Egg cartons: we currently have egg carton overstock; if you need any, we can give you some! Thank you to all egg carton donors.

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Under the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit program, you can direct your 2022 Arizona state tax liability to Felicia’s Farm (or any qualified charitable organization in Arizona). Take the opportunity to “point your tax dollars” to Tucson! 

  • Claim a tax credit for 2022 that reduces dollar for dollar what you pay in state income tax.
  • Couples filing jointly can claim a tax credit of $800; head of household/single, up to $400.  
  • The AZ Charitable Tax Credit is sole and separate from the Private School Tuition and Public School Activity tax credits.
  • Your donation may also be claimed as a charitable deduction on your federal income tax. Please consult your tax adviser regarding tax credits.
  • Remember – you can make donations throughout the year rather than waiting until December to make a single donation! $33.33 each month to Felicia’s Farm will equal your $400 tax credit!
Felicia’s Farm is a Qualified Charitable Organization; QCO 20710.

Receive 100% credit against your tax liability. It’s essentially free to support organizations like Felicia’s Farm who are working to lift the lives of others in Tucson. Please don’t let it go unused; give to Southern Arizona.

For more information on the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, visit the State of Arizona Department of Revenue website or ask your tax professional

Even more ways to help

“like”, share and follow; please tell your friends about Felicia’s Farm!

Fry’s: Sign up for Fry’s Community Rewards and option Felicia’s Farm as your charity.

Amazon: Use instead of and 0.5% from eligible purchases are donated to Felicia’s Farm. Same pricing, same items while helping people in need in Tucson!