Why Felicia’s Farm

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    • In the first 3 months of 2019,  we donated 5,174 pounds of fresh produce and 2,872 dozen eggs. (That’s 34,464 eggs!) That’s a lot of protein!  Access to additional property was granted, and Felicia’s Farm doubled production to an average of 600 pounds of produce each week. Many weeks 1,000 pounds or more are donated. Egg donations average 170 dozen every week
    • Locally grown, freshly picked produce has higher nutrition content
    • Incorporating a significant proportion of fresh fruits and vegetables is a common challenge facing many soup kitchens around the country
    • The farm preserves open space and farmland in an area of Tucson traditionally farmed for many years, and allows community members to help others in need in Tucson.
    • Our chickens are kept in a humane, free range chicken coop
    • Reduced carbon footprint because food travels less
    • We strive for sustainable, long term farm management techniques. We make all our own compost and soil amendments, and use organic pesticides sparingly and responsibly
    • We partner with other hunger relief organizations including the Community Food Bank and Iskashitaa Refugee Network to increase our impact and reduce duplication of effort
    • The farm serves as a wonderful, powerful example of how each of us can positively impact hunger and poor nutrition in our community
    • We host school field trips, corporate service days, scout groups and others who learn how they can make a difference
    • When you give someone food that is grown with love, that is fresh and delicious, that you would be proud to serve at your table, you are also giving a message that that person is valued.