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Marvin Kirchler

Marvin Kirchler is the President of the Board of Directors for Felicia’s Farm. Marv was a good friend of Felicia’s and has been involved since the start of the farm in 2009. Marv helped build the chicken coop! Marv has worked with the Farm staff for many years and is involved in many ways, most recently serving as Executive Director and moving to Felicia’s

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Cathy Lolwing

Cathy serves as Executive Director and has been involved with Felicia’s Farm since 2010. She works to increase Felicia’s Farm’s impact at the farm and in the community. Cathy in involved in all aspects of the farm including fundraising, maintaining and creating new partnerships, communications, farm activities, and educational and volunteer programs. Cathy has a B.A. of Education, and has lived in Tucson for

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