Why Felicia’s Farm

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  • In 2017 we donated over 10,000 pounds of fresh produce and over 6,900 dozen eggs! That’s over 82,000 eggs. That’s a lot of protein!
  • In 2017 we built an education ramada so we can more comfortably host field trips and work days! Now our volunteers have a large shady place to take water breaks and work on sedentary projects
  • Locally grown, freshly picked produce has higher nutrition content
  • Incorporating a significant proportion of fresh fruits and vegetables is a common challenge facing many soup kitchens around the country
  • The farm preserves open space and farmland in an area of Tucson traditionally farmed for many years
  • Our chickens are kept in a humane, free range chicken coop
  • Reduced carbon footprint because food travels less
  • We strive for sustainable, long term farm management techniques. That means we don’t till, we make all our own compost and soil amendments, and use organic pesticides sparingly and responsibly
  • We partner with other hunger relief organizations including the Community Food Bank and Iskashitaa Refugee Network to increase our impact and reduce duplication of effort
  • The farm serves as a wonderful, powerful example of how each of us can positively impact hunger and poor nutrition in our community
  • We host an average of 80 children a month who learn how they can make a difference
  • When you give someone food that is grown with love, that is fresh and delicious, that you would be proud to serve at your table, you are also giving a message that that person is valued. You are giving them food they can build a life on